Feedback Form

Display the Form Full Height

Displaying a form full height is useful for pages where you want to display an image and the form side-by-side.



Disable the Form

To disable and hide a form from an action page add the following tag.


This is useful if you want to gather feedback, endorsements, or suggestions for a specific timeframe and then want to hide the form but continue to display the information.


Replace "Address" with "Postal Code"

By default, NationBuilder displays "Address (Street, City, Province, Postal Code)". Use the following tag to display "Postal Code" only.



Hide Stream but Allow Comments

By default, when you enable comments on a page (ie. Endorsements), NationBuilder displays a stream that can't be hidden without disabling comments. We've created a new tag to work around that so you have more control over what shows up on your website.


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