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  • Donation

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Replace references to donation with payment



Monthly Donation Amounts

For one-time + monthly donation pages, we've created a formula to automagically display different monthly amounts based on the one-time amounts that you input.

This only activates if the maximum amount on the form is greater than $100, otherwise there’s no change. The objective is to help you maximize monthly giving by displaying reasonable monthly donation amounts (because no one we know can afford to donate $1500/month 😜).

A magician never reveals their tricks, but we're web developers. So how does this automagic formula work?

It is the cube root of the square of the one-time amount, rounded to the nearest $5 if the one-time amount is a multiple of 5, otherwise it is rounded to the nearest dollar. If the calculated amount is larger than the highest amount on the form divided by 12, then it’s reduced to that.

Default to Monthly Donation

This isn't best practice, but it is possible

Change the default occurrence to monthly with the option of one-time for your donation page instead of one-time with the option for monthly.

Add the following tag to the page:

Donation Occurrence: Monthly


URL-append Donation Amounts

This feature is very useful for email blasts! Ask for specific donation amounts in your emails to supporters.

One-Time Donation Amount

Try it out:

Donate $50 Today!


Monthly Donation Amount

Try it out:

Donate $15 Monthly


Highlighted Donation

NationBuilder has a built-in feature allowing you to Highlight/Feature a donation amount. If you specify a Highlighted Donation Amount, it will automatically be the default selection and change colour to bring attention to the amount.

Additionally, we have created a tag so that you can add text to your featured donation.

Add the following tags to the page:

Donation Highlighted Text: text goes here

Donation Featured Text: Best Value!


Cover Processing Fees

If you enable this, donors can click a checkbox to cover the credit card processing fees for their donation.

Check out the Theme Setting documentation to activate this feature


Rebate/Tax Credit Calculator

Let your donors see how much of a rebate/tax credit they could receive depending on the donation amount they select.

*Note: This is currently only available to Toronto City Councillor Candidates, MP Candidates, Federal Political Parties, Saskatchewan MLA Candidates and Political Parties, and organizations required to charge HST for ticketed events.


Add one of the following tags to the page:


for Federal Party Tax Credits:

Donation Rebate: Canada


for Ottawa Election Rebate

Donation Rebate: Ottawa


for Toronto Election Rebate

Donation Rebate: Toronto


for Ontario HST

Donation Taxes: Ontario


for Saskatchewan Party Tax Credits

Donation Rebate: Saskatchewan


Inline Donation Buttons

Add the following tag (without the spaces) anywhere in your content to display inline donation buttons. (For example, mid-way in a blog post.)

[ donation-buttons ]



Testing mode: Transactions will not be processed. Use testing cards only.

Your information


Payment information

I confirm that I am a resident of Ontario contributing as an individual and that my donations to the Chris Moise Campaign are my own funds and do not exceed the $1200 individual campaign contribution limit or the $5000 city-wide contribution limit.

Your donation:

Pro Tips

By default, NationBuilder displays an "Other Amount" button for supporters to donate a different amount than what you may have listed. To hide the "Other Amount" button add this tag to the page:



Adding a link to your donation page to an email blast or on social media? Add the following text at the end, replacing 25 with the amount you'd like people to donate: