Give your visitors the ability to filter your content so they can find what they are looking for quickly.


This feature works on the following page types:

  • Blog
  • Calendar
  • FAQ


Add the following tag to the page you would like to enable filters on:



Then, on the individual blog posts or questions add the following tag with the name of the filter category:

filter: [Category Name]


For example, if you would like a blog to be filterable by: "Housing, Health Care, Transit, Business" then you would add the following tags to the appropriate blog posts:

filter: Housing

filter: Health Care

filter: Transit

filter: Business


NationBuilder Limitations

This feature won't work on large blogs at this time.

Filters won't work on blogs that have pagination enabled; all of your blog posts MUST be displayed on one page. To ensure all of your blog posts show up on one page, under "Blog Settings" leave the "Number of posts to show at a time" field empty.