Inline Formatting

This feature works on all page types.

Spruce up your content with inline formatting options including buttons, highlighting text, and inserting icons.

Table of Contents

*Note: for demonstration purposes our inline code brackets below have spaces at the beginning and end. Yours should not.

Wrap Text

This is predominantly useful for images, although this could be anything else, like buttons, or a list or something else.

[ right]image[/right ]

[ left]image[/left ]

Image Carousel

Create a carousel of images:

[ image-carousel]images[/image-carousel ]

additionally, the following tags create image carousels that float left or right and wrap the text

[ image-carousel-left]images[/image-carousel-left ]

[ image-carousel-right]images[/image-carousel-right ]

Note that the aspect ratio on the images will be 7x5.


[ well] text goes here [/well ]

This is a text block

[ well-secondary] text goes here [/well-secondary ]

This is a text block using the theme's secondary colour

Text Bars

Primary Colour Text Bar

[ text-bars]text-goes-here[/text-bars ]

Secondary Colour Text Bar

[ text-bars-secondary]text-goes-here[/text-bars-secondary ]

Tertiary Colour Text Bar

[ text-bars-tertiary]text-goes-here[/text-bars-tertiary ]

Green Colour Text Bar

[ text-bars-success]text-goes-here[/text-bars-success ]

Blue Colour Text Bar

[ text-bars-info]text-goes-here[/text-bars-info ]

Yellow Colour Text Bar

[ text-bars-warning]text-goes-here[/text-bars-warning ]

Red Colour Text Bar


Go to and search for the icon of your choice. (ALL font awesome icons are available for use)

[ icon]fontawesome-icon-name[/icon ]


[ brand-icon]fontawesome-icon-name[/brand-icon ]


[ custom-icon]city-of-toronto[/custom-icon ]


Social Icon Buttons

[ social-buttons ]


[ button]text[/button ]

Produces: text goes here


Change the Colours

[ button-primary]text goes here[/button-primary ]

Produces a button using your theme's primary colour


[ button-secondary]text goes here[/button-secondary ]

Produces a button using your theme's secondary colour


[ button-tertiary]text goes here[/button-tertiary ]

Produces a button using your theme's tertiary colour


Contextual Colours

[ button-warning]text goes here[/button-warning ]

Produces text goes here


[ button-info]text goes here[/button-info ]

Produces text goes here


[ button-success]text goes here[/button-success ]

Produces text goes here


[ button-danger]text goes here[/button-danger ]

Produces text goes here


Combine with Icons

[ button] [ icon]rocket[/icon ]  text goes here[/button ]

Produces text goes here

Read More

Have long content? Add a read more button.

[ read more ]

Engage Blocks

Add a signup and donation block in the body of your content.

[ engage-block ]


Display donation buttons in the body of your content.

[ donation-buttons ]

Page Excerpts

Excerpt an entire page within the content of another page. Examples of how this is useful include embedding a photo gallery within your content or adding a simple signup form.

[ excerpt]page_slug[/excerpt ]

Note: can only be used on text pages (basic, blog post, question) only.