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FIX: Changed How Alert Bar Functions

We made a few minor tweaks to the alert bar this week. The most noticeable is when creating an alert bar. Previously, there was an issue where you couldn't have social share text because the alert bar text required that field. This fixes that issue. Your page can now be socially optimized while defining your alert bar text and button text.

Now to create an alert block you will create a redirect page and tag the page with "alert_block". In the name field, type the text you would like to show up followed by a "|" and the call-to-action text you want to be displayed on the button. In the "URL to redirect to" field, paste the link to the page you want the button to take visitors to.

Updated Directory Pages

We have beautified the Directory Page Type so you can now more easily showcase your Board of Directors, Staff, or Volunteers.

Directory Pages allow you to list people in your database who have specific tags or levels of access. So, for example, you could tag your board members with "Board Member" and set up the page to display everyone with that tag and they would be listed on the Directory Page using the information in their profile. This would also allow board members to update their own bios and photos by logging in to their own accounts.