Secure Content

This feature works on all page types.

Secure page content and identify specific people in your database who should have access.


Give People Authorization

Under "People", tag the person (or multiple people) that you want to have access to the specific page. For example, you could tag all of your Board Members with "Board Member".

Tag Examples:

Volunteer Resources

Board Member



Lock Your Page

Add the following tag to the page on your website which you only want to give access to specific people:


after the underscore type the exact same tag you added to the people you want to give access to this page. In our example, it would be:

Permission: Board Member

If you would like to give someone access to multiple secure pages you can tag that person with all of the appropriate tags. Alternatively, if you want two different groups of people to have access to one page in addition to their separate pages, you would tag the page with the appropriate access tags.


Admin Override

By default, if you are an Admin in your nation, you will always see all content. If you'd like to test a locked page authorization tag, tag yourself with the Authorization Tag and also the following tag:



Usage Examples:

People Tag: Volunteer
Page Tag: Permission: Volunteer

People Tag: Campaign_Team
Page Tag: Permission: Campaign_Team

People Tag: Authorized Private Page
Page Tag: Permission: Authorized Private Page