Site Translation

This feature works on all page types.

Translate your site in other languages.

Note 1: We currently have a Bengali, French, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish translations of the theme available. If you would like the theme translated into another language, please submit a Feature Request.

Note 2: This does not translate your site content. It only translates the theme (i.e. contact forms, signup forms, action buttons, etc)


Translate Specific Pages

If you would like a specific page (or pages) translated but not your entire website, use one of the following tags:

  Note: Our translations only affect forms and other theme elements, they do not translate your content.



lang: bn


lang: fr


lang: es


lang: pt

Simplified Chinese:

lang: zh_CN


Translate Your Entire Website

Under the Theme Settings Page (a rules page type), add a new rule:

Rule name:


Details of rule:


Replace fr with es for Spanish, bn for Bengali, pt for Portuguese, or zh_CN for Simplified Chinese. 


Add a Language Toggle

On the English site, create a redirect page with slug fr (or es or cn) and name FR (or ES or CN) , include in top nav, add the following tag:


Repeat this on the French/Spanish/Chinese site to allow visitors to toggle back to the English site.