Sliders, Endorsements, & Testimonials

This feature works on the following page types:

  • FAQ

Showcase your endorsements or testimonials.


Endorsements or Testimonials

Add the following tag to the page:



Featured Slider

Add the following tag to the page:



Display All Endorsements or Sliders on one page

item style: show_all


Add each endorsement or slider as its own question and use the following page tags to format the text and image:

Image Formatting

slider: Profile

slider: image_top

slider: image_bottom

slider: image_left

slider: image_right


Text Formatting

slider: text_right

slider: text_left

slider: text_alternate

slider: text_bottom

slider: text_middle

slider: text_full_height

slider: float

slider: overlay


Theme Formatting

slider: theme_secondary

slider: theme_tertiary


"Read more" Button Formatting

button: text-goes-here