Action Buttons

This feature works on all page types.

Encourage your visitors to take action by displaying call-to-action buttons at the bottom of every page on your website.


On the page you want to be displayed as an action button, under "page settings", check the "Include in supporter nav" box.

Re-order Buttons

To change the order that your action buttons are displayed, under "Supporter nav" in your website's page list, click "Reorder links" and drag and drop them in your desired order.


Add an Icon

Add the following tag to the page that you want to display an icon on the supporter nav button:

icon: fontawesome-icon-name


Go to and search for the icon of your choice.

Click the name of the icon to copy it and paste it in place of "icon-name".


Apply a Theme

Add one of the following tags to the page you want to change the colour of the Action Button for:

item theme: secondary

item theme: tertiary


Display Buttons Under Hero Image

Add the following tag to the home page to display your supporter nav action buttons under the hero image:



Show Me The Magic

These are Action Buttons