Page Excerpts

This feature works on all page types.

Display content from one page on another page. Examples include displaying your news/blog posts or events on your home page.


Base Tag

Add the following tag to the page that you would like to display on another page:


after the underscore, add the slug of the page you would like the excerpt to display on.

It should look something like this:


  1. Excerpt Placement
  2. Excerpt Navigation
  3. Display Only Featured Items
  4. Excerpt Formatting

Excerpt Placement

By default, excerpts display after page content in the order of their publish date (if you have multiple excerpts on one page).

To display an excerpt before the destination page's content append the following tag to the base tag:



To display an excerpt inline with but after the content of a destination page, append the following tag to the base tag



To display an excerpt at the end (or bottom) of all pages, add the following tag:



You can now display excerpts inline content. Go to Inline Formatting to learn how.


Excerpt Navigation

Create an inner nav (on-page nav) of excerpts included on a page



Display Only Featured Items

This tag only works on Blog, Calendar, and FAQ page types

Place this tag on the parent page:

limit: featured

and then tag child pages with the following tag to display just those pages in an excerpt:



Excerpt Formatting

To remove the excerpt page's headline text from displaying add the following tag to the page:



Add a background image to the excerpt by uploading the image under files and add the following tag to the page:

Excerpt BG: image_file_name.jpg


Add a solid background colour to the excerpt by adding one of the following theme tags:

excerpt theme: primary

excerpt theme: secondary

excerpt theme: tertiary


To control the padding (or spacing) before and after an excerpt add this to the page being excerpted:

spacing: half

spacing: double

Add one of the following tags to the page to change the background:

Find your brand theme colours by logging in to your nation, on the front-end of your website click the gear icon, and then click Branding.